“I have been seeing Dr. Collins for some time now and highly recommend her for chiropractic services. She is empathetic and knowledgeable on many health issues and most importantly gets positive results.”
-Brian R.


“I had never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t really believe in them but I was at my wits end. I had, what I called, a muscle spasm – I couldn’t turn my head because it was on my shoulder at the base of my neck.I had been suffering with it for almost 4 years, I tried physical therapy for 3 months, 3 times a week, I tried dry needle treatment at my primary care dr., I tried TENS machine, shots of cortisone, ice, etc., nothing helped more than a few hours. I went to Dr. Collins because she was close and she was approved by Kaiser. I went 2 or 3 days a week at first and then less as time went by, it took about 4 months but I was encouraged because it was improving. Sometimes it seemed she really wasn’t doing much but I didn’t question. I am so relieved that it has improved to the point that I seldom think of it, what a relief! She also was very supportive and informative about other health issues that could be adding to the muscle and nerve problem Thank you Dr. Collins.”
-Twila R.


“I started going to Dr Collins during my pregnancy since she is Webster Technique certified. I have been to other chiropractors before, have been since my teens for back pain, and I have always had good experiences with those that graduated from Life Chiropractic College West. This was no exception. I have to say she has been the most attentive and skillful chiropractor I have ever been to (my next favorite is the amazing Dr Gazdar in Walnut Creek). She kept my pelvis in line and round ligaments working excellently. I was able to naturally birth a 9.5 lb baby from my little body, and I have Jandy to thank for that. My back and neck were amazingly physically comfortable considering the grandiosity of my belly during the pregnancy and considering my history. I wholeheartedly recommend her care.”
-Leila P.


“I have been going to Chiropractors for several years.  I have one near my home who has been treating me with great success for 2 years.  While visiting family in the Folsom area, I was having severe radiating pain down my left leg and a family member recommended I call Dr. Collins.  She took me right in, processed my history and assessed my situation.  Then upon examination determined several other areas of my back that were out of adjustment.  Within 2 hours, I was done and felt better than I have in years.  It is not 2 weeks later and I’m still doing well.  Thanks so much to Dr. Collins!”
-Dianne W.


“My husband and I had our first experience seeing Dr. Jandy Collins.  We are hooked.  She is a wonderful Chiropractor.  She takes her time with you to see what exactly your health conditions are.  We think her healing hands are magic.  After she gave us our adjustments we both felt much better physically, we had a clearer mind and headaches were gone. We thank Dr. Jandy Collins and we will be going back as much as possible.  We both HIGHLY recommend going to see Dr. Jandy Collins for all of your Chiropractic needs.”
– Lynette W.


I had been going to a chiropractor in my home town for several months for constant pain in my neck.  While on a trip to the West coast I made an appointment with Dr. Collins.  She did a thorough evaluation and gave me an adjustment and some therapy.  She also recommended some exercises I could do with a ball and encouraged me to purchase a special pillow to sleep on.  I am pleased to report my neck pain is gone.  I have not needed to see my local chiropractor.  I highly recommend Dr. Collins.”
– Michael V.


I badly turned my ankle when I stepped off the curb at the airport while carrying some heavy luggage.  I immediately went to see Dr. Collins.  She checked me out to make sure nothing was broken, adjusted my foot and took exceptional care of me.  After some ice packs and a few days of rest I was as good as new.  Thank you Dr. Collins!!”
– Dennis W.


This was my first ever appointment with a chiropractor.  Dr. Collins was extremely thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions!  Since the adjustment, I have not had any muscle spasms and I am off all pain medication.  Dr. Collins also adjusted my feel (I would definitely recommend for any Zumba fans and dancers)!  I will be making Dr. Collins and Infinite Health Chiropractic part of my ongoing health maintenance!”
– Katherine B.