COVID-19 UPDATE March 20, 2020

Dear Chiropractic Family,

Chiropractors are considered essential healthcare providers. That being said, we all need to be responsible for containing the spread of the coronavirus. In an effort to reduce the exposure risk of our chiropractic family, and to comply with the recent Governors mandate, I am closing the online scheduler and canceling all non-essential appointments until further notice. Chiropractic appointments WILL be available by appointment only for “essential care” until the virus has been contained and the mandated shelter in place has been lifted by the Governor. Please see below for an explanation of what is essential chiropractic care.

What is considered essential chiropractic care?

-Pain which is restricting your ability to care for yourself or your loved ones.

-Pain which is restricting your ability to work and you have an essential job such as: Doctor, Nurse, First Responder, Law Enforcement, etc

If you feel you need essential care please call (916)983-7771 to schedule with Dr. Collins.


Dr. Jandy Collins DC

COVID-19 UPDATE March 18, 2020

As Sacramento County is now shuttered with the order to “shelter in place”, I wanted to reach out and let you all know what I am doing going forward. Governor Newsom has stated it is appropriate to go out under the following circumstances: essential errands, grocery shopping, banking, and health care appointments.

Understandably, there has been a reduction in patient volume. As a result of that decline, in addition to child care needs at home, I will be reducing my open hours going forward, but I WILL REMAIN OPEN.

Please know that your health is my #1 priority. My goal is to continue to provide you with excellent chiropractic care during these trying times. Please come in if you are in pain, if you are having a chiropractic emergency, or if you are receiving care under a treatment plan. The ER’s are crowded and are with a much greater risk of contracting the cold/flu. I am offering you a low stress, low volume, clean environment to reduce your pain.

In addition to disenfecting after each patient visit, I have also implemented schedule “buffers” between each patient to keep my waiting room as emtpy as possible. When coming to a scheduled appointment please keep that in mind and be as timely as possible.

We are all in this fight together! You have my commitment that I will continue to meet your chiropractic needs in a safe and convenient way!


Dr. Jandy Collins DC

COVID-19 UPDATE March 17, 2020

Per the instruction of the California Chiropractic Association, Broadstone Chiropractic will be implementing the following guidlines for any future appointments involving high risk groups:

High rish groups are as follows:

  • Older adults
  • People who have serious chronic medical conditions like:
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Lung disease

All non-essential and non-emergent appointments will be cancelled within the high risk groups.

If you fall into one of the above groups please reach out and let us know. You may give us a call at (916)983-7771.

We will update you and update our office policies if changes are needed to today’s e-mail.


Dr. Jandy Collins DC