Examinations Costs are based on time and complexityFee
Initial Examination: required to become an established patient$70-$85
Established Patient Re-examination$55-$65
Please note that a re-examination is required in the following circumstances:
New injuries or complaints
Absence of care for a period exceeding three months
Additionally, re-examinations may be performed periodically throughout a care plan to determine the efficacy of treatment.
Office Visit ServicesFee
Brief Assessment-required at the start of each visit, takes~ 5 minutes
Spinal Adjusting
Extremity Adjusting
Webster technique (pre-natal chiropractic care)
Soft tissue mobilization
Athletic tape application
A chiropractic visit is defined as receiving any of the office visit services listed above during a 15-minute appointment with Dr. Collins.  If your needs require more than the 15-minute appointment window, you will need to pay for additional time and services or schedule a separate appointment. We will work with you to determine appropriate appointment lengths.
Relaxation ServicesFee
Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy & Roller Table (20 minutes)$20
Leg Compression & Roller Table (20 minutes)$20
Infrared/PEMF/Photon Light Therapy (20 minutes)$20